Valve Works on Three VR Games
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Thanks for featuring my alpha pack. I always try to keep the price super low so everyone can afford it, and such articles mean a lot! Thanks again. -Jonas Roscinas

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not sure what the program will be...fancy video and I love everything allgorithmic does but I really dont know what this will be any thoughts

Valve Works on Three VR Games
10 February, 2017
A press briefing at Valve’s office in Seattle brought some VR news. Gabe Newell confirmed three new VR projects in development at Valve.

So one of the questions you might ask us is ‘Why in the world are we making hardware?’ So right now, we’re building 3 VR games. And what we can do now is to be designing hardware at the same time that we’re designing software. This is something that Miyamoto has always had, right?

Miyamoto has had the ability to think about what the input devices & the design of systems should be like while he’s trying to design games. Our sense is that that’s going to allow us to actually build much better entertainment experiences for people.”

So the idea isn’t like oh – we suddenly thought we could make more money by building hardware – because hardware’s actually traditionally been a lousy low-margin business.

Gabe Newell

Newell also said that these projects are going to be full games developed with the help of Unity and Source 2 engines. Resident Evil 7 was the first to present the possibilities of full VR games and Valve is going to build on that momentum. 

Source: Gamasutra

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