Venturous: Play Indiana Jones in Doom with This Mod

Here is a bunch of tomb raiding games in one.

Have you explored every corner of Doom but still want more? Are you strangely fascinated with tombs and people in hats? Then this mod is just for you.

Venturous is a conversion mod for Doom created by PixelFox. As you might have guessed, it is inspired by The Mummy, Indiana Jones, and Tomb Raider, so you can expect mysterious temples, grand museums, and a huge boss at the end of the game.

Image credit: PixelFox

"I wanted to play an Indiana Jones-style adventure on something like the Build engine," said the creator. "But since nobody seemed to be about to make that happen (I'm aware of PowerSlave), I eventually began playing around with Slade and UDB to see how hard it would be. About a year later, I had successfully bungled and wiki-ed my way through to having the game I had wanted."

Image credit: PixelFox

The mod is set in the 1930s. You will hunt down Nazis who are trying to open the gate to the city of Atlantis. There are 7 completed maps in the mod for now, with more to come. Venturous is not very long, just about an hour, according to the walkthrough by Alpha Beta Gamer, which you can see above. You'll encounter all kinds of enemies: soldiers, skeletons, and Aztec people. To kill them, you'll have around 19 weapons providing very satisfying results when you use them.

To play the game, you'll need the Doom .WAD file and GZDoom. PixelFox recommends turning on Dynamic Lights and Crosshairs. "GZDoom's Alternate HUD is suggested, set to show only Available Weapons."

Image credit: PixelFox

If you like this crossover, check out the one combining Doom and Max Payne or turning objects into voxels. There is also one that might remind you of Aliens, System Shock, and F.E.A.R. Maybe you're a Bloodborne fan? Then this horror mod is for you. And if you'd like to see good old classic Doom in a new light, take a look at this ray-traced project.

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