VFX and Shaders: Fire, Water and Lasers

VFX and Shaders: Fire, Water and Lasers

Check out our new list of cool new VFX for Unity: some great fire, stylized slashing, beautiful dissolve, and realistic water.

Check out our new list of cool new VFX for Unity. This time we’ve added some great fire effect, stylized slashing effects, beautiful dissolve feature, and some great water.

Realistic Fire VFX

Luke Peek created a wonderful pack of awesome visual effects for pyromancers. This is a beautiful collection of 22 realistic fire particle systems, which you could easily drop directly into a scene and start burning things.

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There are three different styles available and seven types of fire particles: Calm fire, Intense fire, Flamethrower, Column of fire, Spinning column, Flamethrower, Torch flame, Fireball, Candle flame. Most systems keep particle count relatively low, so you could use them in mobile games. All the content could be easily edited.

Orbital Beam Laser

Let’s imagine you’re working on an aerial bombardment, like the ones you’ve seen in Command and Conquer. Well, instead of Ion Cannon you can use Orbital Beam Laser. This effect from Rivermill Studios comes with texture animation, sparks, smoke, flickering light, scorch mark and sound effects. There’s also a custom script, which provides you complete control. It’s only one VFX, but it looks amazing.

Hard Slashes Volume 1

Sinestesia Studio is selling a beautiful pack of slash animations and VFX. These would work beautifully for the stylized projects with a lot of actions. Each event consists of the actual slash animation, a blood splatter, and a hit animation.

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Every element is properly labeled and you can enable/disable them, where necessary, or move around to reposition. Everything is easily edited. There are also 3 different color variations (with a white one which makes it easier to change colors if you need to). Plus you get almost 24 Prefabs.

Advanced Dissolve

This is a really interesting effect, which can help you dissolve meshes with the help of the dynamic mask objects: Sphere, Box, Cylinder, Cone, Plane, Per-Axis (X,Y,Z). The effect could be used simultaneously on 4 objects. Don’t forget there’s a demo, which you can check out.

Davit Naskidashvili allowed multiple texture blend for alpha cutout and edge noise control. There’s also UV, Triplanar and Screen-Space dissolve projection, various edge color controllers, including simple color, gradient and ramp textures. 

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The color emission is visible to Global Illumination system. Plus advanced Dissolve is fully compatible with Unity post processing and image effects. The pack includes Standard, Physically Based, Legacy, One Directional Light, VertexLit, Unlit, Particle, Unity Nature and SpeedTree shaders. The product is compatible with TextMesh Pro. 

Lux Water

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If you’re interested to play around with some cool water in your level, check out Lux Water. It’s a very simple and robust solution to render water surfaces. Its doing marvels with refraction, reflection, and lighting.


• Physically based shading including subsurface scattering

• Dual depth based color absorption

• Dual depth based underwater fog

• High precision refraction

• Cube map based and real-time planar reflections

• Real-time lit screen space caustics – no projectors are harmed. (Caustics currently work best using deferred rendering)

• Dynamic shoreline foam

• Simple Gerstner waves and dynamic foam caps

• Water volumes (preview) which allows you to create smooth transitions between above and below water surface rendering.

• Water projectors (preview) which allow you to add local foam as well as local normals.

Lux Water‘ works with DX11 and OpenGLCore. Metal is fully supported since version 1.05. There’s no support for DX9. 

If you have any recommendations for this list, or if you’re working on some special effect yourself, please share the lings in the comments.

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