Video: Texturing Uncharted 4 with Substance
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For those bashing EA..... Any old-schooler will tell ya, EA is not some great company. Yeah, they've released some great games, but the bottom line is they're the fabled 'corporate giant' out to make money and eliminate competitors. Been that way since the early 80's. Another victim of EA you might have heard of, the Wing Commander series (Privateer as well). If they can't rush out better games than you, they'll buy you out and kill your franchise.

by Michael Jones
5 hours ago

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Oh man Cara Ellison? She always shows up in the best places!

Video: Texturing Uncharted 4 with Substance
8 March, 2017
Check out this talk by Allegorithmic from GDC 2016. Allegorithmic’s Sebastien Deguy discusses how Naughty Dog’s Rogelio Olguin and Brad Smith used Substance tools to speed up the production.

GDC talks cover a lot of questions related to game development, including game design, programming, audio, visual arts, business management, production, online games, and much more. There is a new GDC video every weekday, so make sure to follow the channel

Source: GDC

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