Video: The Narrative Design of Bloodborne
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Video: The Narrative Design of Bloodborne
3 February, 2017
So the guys from Cool Ghosts (an arguably best ever YouTube video game show) did a wonderful video about the fantastic narrative design of Bloodborne. Basically, they showed, why this game manages to tell the story better, than the previous titles in the Souls series. The main idea is that Bloodborne is comprehensible even to those players, who do not invest hundreds of hours into the whole story. The game really helps to inflame that curiosity in the players.

As an example of clever narrative design in Bloodborn Cool Ghosts center their attention on enemies. Every enemy type sort of has a story to tell through it looks and it all helps us to understand the world a little bit better, get a little deeper into the whole narrative. The other good example is the Moon. It’s always there. Its changes sort of signalize of the changes in the story. Very cool.

Anyway, watch this video. It’s deep and funny. Cool Chosts channel is (I’ll repeat myself) funny as hell.


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