VIEW Conference 2022 is Presenting a Livestream

All the sessions from the VIEW Conference, which is currently taking place in Turin, Italy, till the 21st of October, are also available online. 

Tomorrow will be the last day of the 23rd International VFX Computer Graphics Conference. All the sessions are recorded and can be viewed in a real-time from any part of the world. 

Below we've gathered some intriguing sessions scheduled for the 21st of October. 

Bringing Lightyear to the Screen

In this talk, you will hear from Fran Kalal, the Simulation & Tailoring Supervisor on Lightyear, about the technical filmmaking process for the ambitious and action-packed Lightyear.

Making a Zombie Apocalypse for Love, Death + Robots

Creative Directors, Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon, and Wayne Brinton of Rodeo FX, dive into the process of crafting Night of the Mini Dead, a hilarious episode for Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots’ third volume that features hordes of fire-belching zombies, caravans of crazed rednecks, and a rather unfortunate family of penguins. Created to look like a miniature version of the natural world, it’s a gruesome zombie apocalypse told most adorably.

Paws of Fury

Alex Schwartz and Rob Minkoff will speak about Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank.

Unboxing the Visual Effects of E-11

Robert Hranitzky takes you behind the scenes of his project E-11: Standard Issues. His non-commercial Star Wars fan film took him on and off over four years to finish and it’s a love letter to the creators and fans of a galaxy far away. Robert openly talks about what he learned along the way including the ups & downs, challenges, and solutions that went with this ambitious project. He'll show you his creative and technical workflow and how he created in-camera effects, props, sets, UI animations, and visual effects.

Graduating After a Pandemic - From Student to Animator

This presentation showcases the journey of a recent graduate and offers an insight into her journey from student to professional animator. You'll learn about her first job experience in fully remote and hybrid working environments. She shares her tips and tricks on growing within the workplace. And, she will be presenting Blue Zoo recruitment tips and tricks and an introduction to London SIGGRAPH.

Bringing Digital Humans and Avatars to Life 

The process to create a digital human or avatar can be challenging. There are three main components to making a digital human or avatar, and each of these requires a different combination of art and technologies: creation, animation, and intelligence. Join NVIDIA and Lenovo to learn more about the latest innovations in breathing life into fully autonomous digital humans and avatars for everything from film and television to the metaverse.

How to Craft Unique Worlds: Color, Shapes, and Spaces

In this workshop, Pixar VFX Supervisor Danielle Feinberg will showcase several examples from Pixar films, describing how to build a visual language to make different worlds – often within the same movie – unique and dynamic. Learn how environments, even if very different in their practical function or story purpose, must still work together to create a cohesive style within a film. From this jumping-off point, each attendee will have the opportunity to design their character, architecture, world, etc., using color, shape, paper, and glue.

You may register free to watch all live-streamed sessions here, browse the full program online and check out the complete list of speakers.

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