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by Trilo Byte
19 hours ago

If you rig your character up as a standard SineSpace avatar and getting it working properly, then any clothing purchased (or that you make) in SineSpace should just work properly (if not, file a bug report). If you're rigging up your Daz3D content as a costume replacement (also known as a bypass avatar, since it bypasses the entire avatar, clothing, and attachment system), then you're on your own.

by ariana pham
20 hours ago

play game happy wheels

by Kaji
1 days ago

Nice article. I would love to know if there is any cloth rigging tutorial or tool/plugin that could solve the typical mesh bleeding issue. For reference, I have issues with getting custom or bought clothes on a custom animated Daz3D Character in Unity. So far, the character looks good and work. The clothes fit in T-Position but once the animation starts, the vertices from the character bleeds through certain parts again and again. I've looked into the bones skin-weights but was not able to see anything to improve there. the problem grows once certain body-morphs alter the character (giving him more weight or muscles)

VigorRoads: Developing Big Games Fast
24 May, 2016

VigorRoads looks absolutely amazing. We’ve talked a little bit about the development team and found out what tools do they use and how do they aim to make their game more interesting to the community.


We are a young game development studio, consisting of experienced developers from all over the world gathered together to create our own games. Our employees participate in a variety of projects of varying complexity.

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The first big project of the studio is a MMORPG Project Genom, which successfully passed GreenLight and is currently in the active development phase. This project has already managed to unite the team and provide a unique experience, thanks to a few talented developers joining us this year, and working together on the common project VigorRoads.



World leaders watched helplessly as war between two alien races unfolded in our galaxy and enveloped the Earth. The result of the war was not only the death of the two alien races, but also the almost-complete destruction of the Earth. Lives were saved only in certain areas, many infested by what was left of the alien creatures – Crawlers, that exist across the territories where the last remnants of humanity fight for life and a unique mineral – Vigor.



Out team already knew the Unreal Engine. We know how to work with it and what to expect. Apart from U4, we’ve also used a great amount of other tools, including 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, World Machine.



Management of the team is carried out by means of Redmine and Trello.


Transport in VigorRoads is based on a number of archetypes, which depend on the type of chassis each player uses for their car. Players can install car bodies on any chassis, that are specifically unique for that chassis. Each car body has its own kit, with its own advantages and disadvantages, so players can create a car that suits their style of play. Each chassis also has its own complex progression tree, so even different starter combinations of chassis and car body will still be viable after extensive playtime.



Mechanics are a no less important part of the game as are the vehicles themselves. Your choice of Mechanic and their ongoing progression impacts on your overall vehicle efficiency. In the game your character has his own unique features and is constantly evolving, developing  skills and improving  service. Elaborate customisation allows you to create a unique image of your Mechanic.


As you level up and gain money you can unlock upgrades for your vehicles and Mechanics. Here are a few types of upgrades:

  • Bodies – the basic carcass of your car, defining its starter parameters, outlook and amount of slots for car kit elements and weapons.
  • Spare parts – the heart of your car. Upgrades for engine, suspension, wheels and other parts will allow you to boost overall driving performance. Parameters, such as speed, boost, adherence with different types of terrain, all directly depend on spare parts.
  • Weapons – vast amount of weapon types, from light and heavy machine-guns or rocket launchers to unusual devices such as the harpoon, which will allow players to solve any in-game task. In their turn, Mechanics can use various types of personal weapons and special devices, for instance, the “ferro-nade”, that marks the enemy with odoriferous marker, so all Crawlers in the area will hunt them down.
  • Defence – outboard additional armor will help your vehicles to survive longer, and will protect your Mechanic. Players can install active defenses on their car such as smoke and stun grenades, deployable spike strips or even AA guns. Mechanics can also use their own body armors.
  • Tuning – the visual aspect of the game is incredibly important as well. Players can paint car bodies, place decals on vehicles, install various bumpers, headlights, side panels and accessories for the dashboard and other elements of the car. There are also plans to implement an extensive character creation editor to customize your Mechanic’s features.



We are creating an ambitious project, which aims to fill a fairly-vacant niche of online combat car games. Kickstarter will help us to finish the project on the “base” level. This version will be available for players for testing and evaluation. Our team really want all of the patrons that participate in the development of the game to join our discussions on the official forums, interact in polls, offer ideas and assist with testing at various stages of development.


Kickstarter provides a unique opportunity not only to help in the development of the game, but to take part in the development of the project.

Stanislav Pleshchev, VigorRoads





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