Vine Sculpting in ZBrush with Jeremy Estrellado
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Moscow RU   16, Oct — 18, Oct
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Minsk BY   17, Oct — 19, Oct
London GB   22, Oct — 23, Oct
Singapore SG   23, Oct — 25, Oct
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uh.. you happy with the crunch number ?

Why not just license it? Let it live and make done money at the same time.

Maybe hire more people instead of making employees work 100 hr weeks? Thats insane.

Vine Sculpting in ZBrush with Jeremy Estrellado
26 April, 2017
3d artist and educator Jeremy Estrellado shared another amazing stream, this time on sculpting vines in ZBrush. A two-hour-long talk will give you all the details you should keep in mind about high-definition sculpting. 

Jeremy discussed sculpting work, merging two vines and making them look like they are combined as a single vine, identifying common patterns with references, thinking about shapes, dealing with interactions, checking tiling while working on the sculpt and more important steps. 

You can follow his channel with tons of other streams here. And don’t forget to read our interview with the amazing artist from Massive Entertainment here. Tons of useful details on on the best way to create playable environments.

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