Visionary VR will make VR storytelling simple
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Are you planning on releasing the UE4 project to the public? Or only builds? I'd love to play around with it in the editor if possible!

by mr. Awesome
4 hours ago

Fucking AWESOME!

Please make the second floor..!! and if you've done it please tell me where can I find it...??!

Visionary VR will make VR storytelling simple
30 March, 2016

Today, it takes deep knowledge to build VR stories. Visionary VR are going to change that by developing additional software for VR storytelling. Recently the company raised $6 million in Series A funding in a round led by DFJ Venture.

Today, only expert-level developers can create VR stories. We’re going to change that.

Gil Baron, Visionary VR CEO

Little is known about the company, but not long ago developers showed the first piece of content created using its Visionary Focus tech: a David & Goliath short experience.

Given Visionary VR’s insights into how storytelling is going to be redefined by virtual reality in the future, this company is aligned with DFJ’s long history of investing in disruptive technologies.

Even after seeing hundreds of VR demos and even creating our own VR app at DFJ, experiencing Visionary VR’s product left our team slack-jawed. It is that impressive.

Bubba Murarka, DFJ Ventures


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