Visualization: Gnomon Welcomes The Third Floor
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by crowbringer
5 hours ago

This priest surely committed to his celibate there...

Cheap art will be just that. The true value lies in commitment and hard work. This is just a tool and without a creative mind operating it the results will hold no magic. Did photography kill painting? I think both are doing and developing rather well.

by Mark
6 hours ago

Very insightful. Thanks!

Visualization: Gnomon Welcomes The Third Floor
11 January, 2019

On Thursday, January 24th, Gnomon will team up with the legendary visualization studio The Third Floor for a look back at their fifteen-year history of visualization and insight into where the industry is headed next.

“Join team members from The Third Floor for a glimpse into the world of all things visualization; from pitchvis to postvis, including storyboarding, world building, techvis and more as they touch on some of their most recent film, television, video game, and immersive media projects. Audience members will be welcome to ask questions of their own during the event’s Q&A portion, so come prepared with any queries you might have,” states the description.

Please note that seating is limited, so RSVP and arrive in good time to secure a place in line. “Attendee check-in will open at approximately 6:30 PM; a valid Eventbrite RSVP will be required to get an event wristband.” You can also join the event via the team’s Twitch channel.


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