Vivendi to Accelerate Takeover of Ubisoft
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by Filip van Halter
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Vivendi to Accelerate Takeover of Ubisoft
27 April, 2017
Vivendi might be really close to taking over Ubisoft. Different sources state that the French media giant has plans on speeding up its acquisitions of Ubisoft and the advertising group Havas in an effort to boost its strategy and share performance.

“Vivendi is moving to the second phase, everything will take place this year”, one of the sources states. The other sources said that taking over Ubisoft must the next move for Vivendi.

Vivendi has been focused on buying Ubisoft’f shares since 2015 and now has a 25 percent stake. Vivendi will be forced by French law to attempt a takeover if that number climbs to 30 percent. In the meantime, Ubisoft is not happy about the possible takeover. Vivendi’s plan may result in limiting creativity, which is like the worst thing that could happen to any game development company. 

Author: Artyom Sergeev

Source: Reuters

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3 Comments on "Vivendi to Accelerate Takeover of Ubisoft"


Agreed and corrected.


“Vivendi’s plan may result in limiting creativity”.
Firstly, this is only speculation.
Secondly, why would they limit creativity and potentially hurt the revenue of a company they want to acquire?


And there’s nothing Ubisoft can do?