Voice of Steel: Building Robot Fighting Game in Russia
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by Joel Alexandre
46 min ago

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by Alvar Lagerlöf
10 hours ago

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Voice of Steel: Building Robot Fighting Game in Russia
6 May, 2015

Point Cloud Studio from Chelyabinsk (Russia) has recently launched a small Kickstarter campaign. The company is trying to find $10k for its innovative robot fighting game Voice of Steel on Unreal Engine. We’ve talked with the developers about their game and their passion for metal rumble.

About Point Cloud Studio

We`re a small indie-studio which consists of 5 people. Our studio is situated in Chelyabinsk, Russia. The team was created especially for the Voice of Steel project. As you might have guessed, game industry in Chelyabinsk is limited. Most people are doing social or mobile games. Sure, you can find a lot of indie-studios with young and talented specialists but there`s little information in the press about them.

Voice of Steel


Everything starts in an assembly room, where the gamer creates his robot from 16 basic modules. Each module has a number of unique options such as weight, energy usage, durability, elasticity and a type of material. All that influences the further game process. You can see it in a trailer, where mechanics hands assemble the robot detail by detail. The trailer was actually rendered in the engine, we do not use CGI in our promos.


Then the robot moves to a training room, where the gamer can create new strikes for his fighter or choose movements from the movement bank (you can change those movements as well). After that the gamer can go to the fight mode with other gamers in multiplayer (local and online) or in single mode.

Our audience is fighting games enthusiasts, who want to get new game experience. Gamers, who are not well acquainted with the fighting genre, will also a lot of interesting stuff in Voice of Steel. We offer new creative ways of virtual fighting!

About Unreal Engine 4


We were planning to develop our game with Unreal Engine 3 but by the time we started developing Unreal Engine 4 was released, so we worked with it. It’s a great tool for any developer.
Thanks to Unreal Engine 4 and our own physical engine, we can easily port our game to various platforms. We want to let the gamers who use different devices to play together.

Greenlight & Kickstarter

We were surprised a little by the fact that we`ve passed Greenlight in 7 days.


At first we were developing our project with our own money. At the moment we have a rather small budget, so we`ve run the campaign on Kickstarter in order to get the necessary funds to finish the game. We’re also interested in the press coverage as well. Journalists just love their Kickstarter games.

Another great advantage of Kickstarter is that we get a lot of feedback from the community.


If our Kickstarter going to be successful, we`ll start the closed alpha-test in November. Beta test will start in February 2016. As for the game itself, the release date is probably somewhere in June 2016.

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