Vokabulantis: A Stop Motion Adventure Video Game About Love

Vokabulantis developers showed the animation process of their breathtakingly beautiful game during Day of the Devs at Summer Game Fest 2021.

As the developers define it, Vokabulantis is a love-driven co-op platformer adventure. What makes it special is that it is a stop motion game where props and characters are handcrafted, so everything you see was created by the talented artists of puppet animation studio Wired Fly Animation. 

Vokabulantis is a weird place where language does not seem to function at all and you can't get a single word out. The players find themselves stuck in Vokabulantis just as the main characters Kurt and Karla are about to confess their feelings to each other. Karla wants to say "I like you" when suddenly she notices Kurt's mouth is gone and before she can do anything at all, the ground collapses and they fall into the silence of Vokabulantis. 

They must embark on a quest to save the world of language. From this moment on, they only know that they have to stay together no matter what, and if they fail, they will be stuck in the horrifying moment of hopeless silence forever never being able to say a word to each other.

"The game design of Vokabulantis is guided by a novel dogma we call Emotional Mechanics. Everything in the game is designed to make you feel what the characters feel. You are not being told what they feel, but you feel, what they feel, because of the game design," explains the Vokabulantis team.

The goal is to make the players feel incredible joy as they help the characters to complete scary, life-threatening missions. This deep immersion makes the players sympathize with Kurt and Karla and creates a truly intimate moment. 

"We use an array of groundbreaking wizardry to conjure up an immersive and responsive game experience, where all elements are handcrafted one way or the other. Photogrammetry, texture scans, and stop motion game animations are cornerstones of the process. Miniature set building, puppet building, and sand animated effects and UI ensures a fully digitized real-world game experience," comment the developers of Vokabulantis.

You can play Vokabulantis as a single player or as a local co-op. The developers are planning to deliver the game to multiple different platforms including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. However, Vokabulantis is still in early development so for now, the team guarantees a Steam release and keeps working on the game.

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