VRChat: Another Look at the Metaverse

People Make Games tried to understand VRChat and see how it differs from Meta's vision of the metaverse.

Not everybody is happy with the world's (and big companies') obsession with the metaverse. Everyone talks about it, but it seems that we all understand it differently. While Meta wants to take 50% from virtually sold goods, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney believes in the metaverse "on the foundation of open systems, open standards, and companies being willing to work together."

YouTube channel People Make Games seems to be strongly against Meta's ideas. To give the metaverse another chance, the team ventured into the mysterious world of VRChat and tried to see how else it can be.

VRChat is a free-to-play social VR platform where you can create your avatars and the world around you. 

Trying to understand the platform, Quintin Smith noted that this is a unique opportunity to talk to a variety of people that you normally don't meet in real life.

"VRChat is such a cornucopia of creativity that it makes you wonder if Facebook is entirely correct when they say that what people really need to create is monetization, and them taking a 45% cut of every transaction."

The platform seems like a second life, where you can build your business, create art, and be whoever you want, be it a person, a centaur, or a couch. It's no wonder all sorts of people go there to seek comfort.

"It's a place you can rely on, you know," said one of the VRChat users. "Anytime one of our people need help, they can reach out to us and we're always there to help them through things."

Of course, it's not all nice and sweet, the freedom of self-expression encourages users to show their worst sides as well. However, you can always just walk away or even quit, which can't be said about real life.

Another problem is the tech and its price. People need headsets to go VR, and here lies that thin line between getting the funding to do what you love and "not allowing it to corrupt what you're building."

And it's not only money that concerns VRChat users. They're also afraid that one day, someone will start adding rules and moderating the community, which will make the platform lose its appeal.

Whatever the future holds for VRChat and the metaverse, let's hope it gives people what they want without sacrifices, financial or otherwise.

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