Want to Become a Pixar-Like Character?
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this is an Excellent article, the way its set out with the vids and pics. very technical but not rambley. I learnt alot out of it.

by Eric
7 hours ago

Bob would have been proud

by Krzysztof Czerwiński
11 hours ago

Congratulations Lukas:) Amazing piece of 3D parametric shader:) thank You for sharing Your knowledge:)

Want to Become a Pixar-Like Character?
11 September, 2017

How would you look like if you were a Pixar character? Actually, there is a way to find out. Lance Phan is an artist who turns people’s portraits into Pixar-like characters. Let’s check out some of his artworks. 

Do you want him to turn you into a stylized 3D character? You can write Lance to order an artwork. The price here is said to vary depending on the difficulty and details of your picture.


For example, this level of detail will cost $225 USD:

What you receive

  • By the end of the project, you will receive 1 PNG picture, resolution 2560×2560 (or equivalent pixel count in a different aspect ratio).
  • If you want higher resolution or more pictures from other angles, additional price will be included depends on the extra time.
  • For whatever reason, if you want the 3D files (BLEND, FBX, OBJ, etc) and all included textures, the artist will use textures under Creative Common license or his own textures and he will charge the commercial price instead of the personal commission price.
  • For personal commissions, any brands/logos in the original picture will be removed or changed to fictional alternatives.

You can find more details on the conditions and order a work here

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