Weaponiser – A Weapon Sound Design Solution

Weaponiser – A Weapon Sound Design Solution

Krotos Audio, the company behind Dehumaniser and Reformer Pro product range, have released their latest plug-in called Weaponiser.

Krotos Audio, the company behind Dehumaniser and Reformer Pro product range, have released their latest plug-in called Weaponiser. Weapon sounds are some of the most commonly used sound effects in AAA games, films, and some music productions, but the thing is that these sounds can be one of the most challenging categories of sound effects to capture or create. The new tool will help you deal with this part easily. 

Overview of Weaponiser

  • A comprehensive library of professionally recorded real-world Shotguns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Assault rifles, Pistols and weapon Foley. Combine with Sweeteners and IRs, easily accessible via tag-driven browser via simple drag and drop and available in a variety of different mic positioning’s.
  • Huge range of designed presets for all weapons types, sci-Fi, bullet effects, drums and UI
  • Customized engines to design constituent elements and layers of shots with ease – Onset, Body, Thump, and Tail.
  • Edit and randomize Envelope or Knob Speed and Level for each bank, activate the Synth button to synthesize and process with FM or AM synthesis, choose from a selection of Carriers and Modulators, Pitch, Duration, Gain and edit Amplitude and Amount Envelopes.
  • Use MIDI to trigger your engines and velocity sensitivity to program or perform precise variations.
  • Utilise FX panel and use EQ, Compression, Limiting, Saturation, Ring Modulation, Flanging, Transient Shaping and Noise Gating to amp-up your weapons for that hyper-real sound: Subtly tweak or totally destroy! Chain your FX to effortlessly build up complex signal flows.
  • Sequence or offset your sounds to a built-in timeline, allowing for more precise micro-timings between engines.
  • Hit the Fire button to audition, activate Burst mode to create automatic weapons from single shot assets, adjust the Fire Rate for creating different loop speeds or press the Drunk button to randomize your timeline sequences, making each shot sound subtly different.
  • Easily combine Weaponiser with your existing workflow, or process individual engine outputs and your favorite plugins with ease.
  • Break out your weapon elements onto a mixer for intuitive tweaking and dynamic mixing, and quickly render layers for easy export to in-game engines or your DAW.

Weaponiser is an all-in-one solution for weapon sound design, coming with a powerful and efficient workflow, a comprehensive library of professionally recorded weapons, carefully designed presets with high-end, real-time synthesis and unparalleled sound quality.

Available in two versions as a VST/AU/AAX plugin:

  • Weaponiser Basic – offering a total of 952 assets, 515 edited Weapon recordings, 4 weapons, 389 Sweetners and 19 IRs and 90 presets
  • Weaponiser Fully Loaded – offering a total of 2,288 assets, 1594 edited Weapon recordings, 13 Weapons, 692 Sweetners and 39 IRs and 135 presets

Weaponiser also brings a collection of UI sounds, voices and drum hits for beatmakers.

You can find more details on the tool and get it here

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  • Richard

    To be clear, using this requires a DAW like FL Studio, Cubase etc, 'Weaponiser' itself is a .VST.



    ·a year ago·

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