Webinar: Houdini Shelf Tools for Games
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Los Angeles US   27, Sep — 1, Oct
Moscow RU   4, Oct — 8, Oct
Prague CZ   5, Oct — 7, Oct
São Paulo BR   10, Oct — 15, Oct
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We don't care. RIP Crytek.

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I believe the scaling and sliding videos are swapped

С ума сойти как круто!

Webinar: Houdini Shelf Tools for Games
25 July, 2017

Houdini is not just a tool for crazy simulations and movies’ special effects. The tool is rapidly evolving and it has been known for assisting users with a variety of tasks for game development for quite a while. Not sure about its possibilities? SideFX has a nice video featuring Luiz Kruel exploring Houdini 16’s new Shelf Tools that might get you interested.


  • Learn how to create simple source scenes for cloth, rigid body breakables, pyro/fires/water and sprites 
  • Understand how the Vertex Animation Tool works and how to export the data to Unreal 
  • Set up UE4-side data and connect the exported data 
  • Live Q&A

GitHub Link

Source: SideFX

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