Weekly Books: Nintendo Edition
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by Joshua Robbins
42 min ago

Incredible, I love this so much. I'm glad someone out there decides to go make older games like this in newer engines. Great work!

Firstly,Amazing work !! But a doubt..for the background thing ..you mentioned of using a mesh with zero edges which helps out in covering up the repetition process..what is it?..any detailed description please.

by Valerie Lynn Milano
23 hours ago

Quite fantastic. I am a friend of Grayson Wixom and have an entertainment publication thehollywoodtimes.today and am trying to get one of my journalists to interview you.

Weekly Books: Nintendo Edition
30 November, 2018
Top 10

Our new set of books is dedicated to all Nintendo fans. Check out these great editions on Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, and more. 

The Art of Splatoon

The Art of Splatoon features 320 amazing pages of artwork with 2D and 3D illustrations of players’ favorite characters, maps, concept art, weapon, and gear design, storyboards, sketches, hand-drawn comics, but that’s not everything waiting for you inside. Basically, this is a must-have collector’s thing for all fans of Splatoon.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion

This oversized hardcover is said to be the ultimate companion to the award-winning video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which includes material from its DLC packs. This is a perfect chance to witness the making of a true masterpiece.

This book features:

  • Nearly 50 pages of sketches and official illustrations from Takumi Wada
  • 296 Pages of design artwork and commentary about the making of the game from creators
  • 55 Page historical section that divulges an in-depth history of the Hyrule of Breath of the Wild.
  • Interviews with key members of the development team including Hidemaro Fujibayashi, Satoru Takizawa, Takumi Wada, and Eiji Aonuma

Super Mario Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years

Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years is full of awesome works from all seventeen Super Mario games — from the original Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 3D World. “Track the evolution of the Goomba, witness the introduction of Yoshi, and relive your favorite levels. This tome also contains an interview with producer Takashi Tezuka, tips to help you find every coin, star, sun, and mushroom — even explanations of glitches,” states the description. The book covers information on enemies, items, obstacles, and worlds from over thirty years of Mario.

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

This next 320-page book can be described as an exhaustive guide to The Legend of Zelda from the original The Legend of Zelda to Twilight Princess HD. You can also find the other installments in this unparalleled collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise with the New York Times bestselling The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia and The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts. Well, we just love Zelda and books about the series. 

History of the Super Nintendo: Ultimate Guide to the SNES Games & Hardware

The complete ‘History of The Super Nintendo’, is said to dive “head first behind the scenes and shows you how the console was conceived, the difficulties Nintendo faced as well as showcasing a complete list of hardware and software launched for the console. From development kits and prototypes, to the rarest games and software, this truly is a ‘must have’ in the collection of any retro gaming enthusiast.” The book will tell you the development stories behind classic retro video games such as ‘Super Mario World’, ‘Star Fox’, and the ‘Donkey Kong’ video game series and other exclusive hit titles. 


If you have some other great Nintendo-related books in the comments – let us know and we’ll add them here!



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