What If Dark Souls Was Animated Like Cuphead?
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astounding work there - hope someone important notices! I'm just jrpg fan. . . somebody needs to hire you!

by Sir Charles
3 hours ago

Yasss you guys rule so much LOVE please do the next part!!!

by Angelin
11 hours ago

With HDRP now I think Unity has the best redering engine out there

What If Dark Souls Was Animated Like Cuphead?
26 November, 2017

What if you could play a Cuphead-style version of Dark Souls? It would be awesome! At least one thing unites those two games — they’re hard as hell, so the idea makes sense, right? 64 Bits shared a demonstration of this impossible mix. 

What if Dark Souls was animated like Cuphead? Would you play that? (We would). Before you ask, no, this is not actual gameplay! It will never be a game, but one can dream right?

Anyways: Prepare to die!

64 Bits 

Would you like to play this game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube

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