What platforms should you launch first?
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Milwaukee US   17, Jun — 22, Jun
New York US   17, Jun — 20, Jun
St. Petersburg RU   19, Jun — 21, Jun
TBA BR   22, Jun — 24, Jun
Amsterdam NL   25, Jun — 28, Jun
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by milesmsith Smith
2 hours ago

Thank you so much for this. I was into this https://akinator.ooo/ issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys with regards

by Charlotte Delannoy
18 hours ago

Thanks a lot ! Did you give some masterclass of something ?

by Hun Young Ha
20 hours ago

How is the Clovers sit on top between tiles? for mine, blend modes doesnt seem to be working... they follow the height of the tiles which results in extreme distortion of clovers following the height changes of tiles

What platforms should you launch first?
28 June, 2016

If you’re into cross-platform game development (and let’s face it, today you pretty much have to go with various platforms), you might have a problem with choosing your launch place. It’s a complicated decision. You need to take into consideration a lot of various things. Like what’s your project target audience, what’s the price, what are the regions you are aiming it. While publishing Punch Club the guys at TinyBuild had to answer all those questions and found a perfect solution.

With Punch Club they obviously aimed at the western audience and tried to do a lot of work with Twitch, finding more efficient ways to promote the game. And they wanted to go to different platfroms, while keeping the project premium. It meant that they had to go with different pricing obviously.

According to TinyBuild’s CEO Alex Nichiporchic with cross-platform launches you need to be very careful and start your launch with PC (Steam). It gives you a great way to sell the game at a higher price. After the initial push you can start selling tyour project on iOS and Android. It gets you just as many downloads but less money, since the prices on mobile versions are much smaller.

Don’t attempt to go the other way around, cause it may seriously hurt your revenue. Also don’t try to make a simultaneous release on various platforms. It’s hard and nearly impossible for a small team and it hurts sales. People will always figure out the cheapest spot to buy the project and use it for their advantage.

Cross-platform saves are also essential. They can really benefit your project and increase sales.

You can watch the full talk here. It’s in Russian, but I’m sure there’s a translated version as well.

Source: youtube.com

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