White Wolf: The History of Digital Witcher
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Helsinki FI   17, Oct — 25, Oct
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Singapore SG   23, Oct — 25, Oct
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Amazing stuff! I really enjoyed reading it!

by Delip Huges
1 days ago

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White Wolf: The History of Digital Witcher
11 September, 2017

How did Geralt from the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels make it to the games we know today? Polish gaming site Arhn.eu shared a documentary called “White Wolf: The History of Digital Witcher,” telling the story of the first Witcher game.

The documentary is in Polish, but you can still enjoy it with the help of English subtitles:

The developers of The Witcher discussed some challenging points and the communication with Sapkowski that led to the creation of the digital Geralt of Rivia. In the Kikimore lair (Chapter 3), you can find a letter written to the Professor which relates to a correspondence with the writer. 

The documentary will also tell you about a mysterious missing mission and other strange things about the game development. Just take some time to enjoy this detailed look at the story of the first game that we love so much. 

Source: kotaku.com

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