Wild West Online: Gameplay Demonstration
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NY 11222 US   18, Jun — 21, Jun
Utrecht NL   29, Jun — 30, Jun
Brighton GB   10, Jul — 13, Jul
Brighton GB   10, Jul — 13, Jul
Cambridge GB   13, Jul — 17, Jul
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by Admin
1 hours ago

Sorry guys, missed this. We'll credit the artist, sorry!

by Nadav Hekselman
3 hours ago

Looks beautiful. Thank you for the information.

by Vaidas
7 hours ago

Technically, the artist needs to (and does) credit the author of the artwork he referenced and only mention what and where from the character is. Given that, this is a 3d/gaming/technical thingie-ma-jibs website that does not (and probably shouldn't really) reflect on the circumstance of the character itself, but concentrate on creation and techniques used in creation. The name of the character is referenced, but nowhere on the original art the name Sam Riegel is mentioned. As much as critter community is nice and welcoming, this part of "CREDIT THIS OR CREDIT THAT" irritates me. IMHO, Credit is given where credit is due. This 3d model was made with learning purposes only, whereas the original art is being sold. Instead of commenting "GIVE CREDIT" comment "COOL ART OF SAM'S CHARACTER" or "GREAT CRITICAL ROLE ART". All that said, this is an amazing rendition of the original artwork of the character of critical role. As a critter, I love both this piece and the idea of other critter being so talented! Peace, a member of the wonderful critter family.

Wild West Online: Gameplay Demonstration
10 July, 2017

Finally, we’ve seen the first trailer of the Wild West Online. It’s all gameplay, it’s all real and it looks pretty interesting. 612 Games has been working on this project for quite some time and while we can’t really judge the gameplay, the game positively looks amazing.

The project has a wide spectrum of beautiful landscapes. The landscapes are wide and filled with forests, open planes, dirt roads, lakes and beautiful fields. Looks really cool, though it’s hard to tell what kind of content are they using here as assets. Probably it’s got a mix of scanned content. Looks very neat. Plus you’ve got nice lighting, fog, great materials.

Wild West Online is sort of a systems-driven, open-world action MMO. You’ll be able to travel around the world, fight with various factions, get bounties, kill lots of people and hopefully explore a large open world. Alpha should be available this summer.

Source: playwwo.com

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