Win a Ticket to Industry Workshops!

Win a Ticket to Industry Workshops!

Industry Workshops will soon be held in London gathering gamedev community and talented artists together. Get a chance to win a free ticket to the event!

Industry Workshops will soon be held in London gathering gamedev community and talented artists together to share experience, showcase greatest works, communicate, establish contacts and build a creative network. And we have some great news for our readers! Industry Workshops decided to provide 3 FREE TICKETS to the event for the winners of our small contest.

Contest Conditions

To win a Full 3 Day Event Ticket and Exclusive Merch to IW 2018 simply re-imagine the 80 level or IW logo in 3D, render it and choose your top tutorial. Post your entry and the top by August 12 on social media and tag with #IW80 and wait for the results!

More information about Industry Workshops

Industry Workshops attracts over 500 attendees from all aspects of the creative industries to share and explore their experiences and advancements. Professionals from the games development, film production, advertising and everything in between flood to London for this three-day event each year. This year’s conference dates are the 17th-19th August 2018. The event is held at the well known Truman Brewery venue, East London’s cultural and creative hub. Surrounded by food stalls, fashion destinations and steeped in local culture.

Here are some of the artists who will take part in the event:

Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston is one of a kind. A surrealist artist from the UK, Miles tackles subjects of the mind and the human condition in his work with equal parts skill and grace. His work is sought after by galleries and collectors all over the world. We are lucky to have him at Industry Workshops sharing his knowledge and stretch our mind holes.

Pauline Voß

The eloquence, the detail and the emotion conveyed in Pauline Voß’s work is why you should attend her talk at IW 2018 this year! Pauline will deep dive into her approaches and workflows and how she has embraced modern technology utilizing VR to break out of the restrictions 2D imposes. That’s not all, she will then give you an exclusive insight into how she approaches social media for promoting her work! 

Rich Carey

Rich Carey is a freelance concept artist who specializes in characters & creature design, spending much of his professional life working in the video games industry. He has consumed his own weight in overtime food having worked on several AAA titles and indie projects (including the Total War: WARHAMMER series). He has a breadth of experience in crafting memorable, unique designs with a strong sense of flair that is consistent throughout his work.

Rich utilizes his unique blend of strong draughtsmanship skills, a mastery of anatomy, an interest in asian culture and artistic styles, and a love for the natural world to create vibrant monsters, creatures and characters that are instantly loved and recognizable. He has watched more anime than he has read books, and if you’re an artist of his calibre then that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

With these strong fundamentals, Rich’s designs are not only well grounded and believable, but place him a class ahead of other artists working in the concept art field. During his demo you will see how Rich creates his designs from the ground up, from initial sketch to final design, and will happily answer questions along the way. You can expect his demo to be colourful and vibrant!

Nicola Russi

Nicola Russi was supposed to be a pizza baker. His destiny was written, but the animation god Walt Bluthazaki had other plans for him. He injected the helpless pizzaboy with all the animation principles and the necessary talents to forge him into a real professional animator. Six years are gone now, and since then Nico has animated angry raccoons, flying super heroes, wild animals, rusty robots and other unmentionable goodies, with his usual push to extend the boundaries of his knowledge and to spread the good tidings of the holy animation realm. Nevertheless, he still prefers pizza.

Oskars Pantelejevs

Oskars Pantelejevs brings concepts into the real world. From advanced to 3D and printing to welding, vaccumforming, routing and grinding, Oskars’ talent lies both on the screen and off, making sure actors and directors have that critical connection to real objects. And that means: better movies. From LIFE (2017), to Doctor Strange (2016) to Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Oskars has shown his talents, and again, we can’t wait to have him back!!

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    Win a Ticket to Industry Workshops!