Witchfire Internal Demo 2 Released

The Astronauts released the second demo of their latest game, Witchfire, a dark fantasy first-person shooter.

The Astronauts are the indie game studio that has released the new demo of their latest project, Witchfire. Witchfire is a dark fantasy first-person shooter with real and dangerous witches, and the player will take the role of the witch hunter.

The demo included some new features:

  • Four weapons to choose from: three types of Hand Cannons, one type of Bolt Action Rifle.
  • Two Light Spells, four Heavy Spells (the Light/Heavy nomenclature will most likely be changed in the future, but that’s what we use for the development).
  • Six enemy types, including a boss.
  • Three arenas (combat zones, basically).
  • New HUD, new Attack Warning system, new Damage Indicator system. 

The second demo was developed quite fast since the first demo was released two months ago. The team also mentioned that they will invite their friends to check out the third demo in the first quarter of the next year. 

Check this article for the full review of the demo from the game developers. 

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  • Алексей Брайер

    Looks like Destiny 3


    Алексей Брайер

    ·8 months ago·

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Witchfire Internal Demo 2 Released