Witness earned $5 Million in a Week
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Birmingham GB   20, Sep — 24, Sep
Chiba JP   20, Sep — 24, Sep
Ohio US   21, Sep — 24, Sep
Los Angeles US   27, Sep — 1, Oct
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This is beautiful, great work. Would love to walk around in this city

by MSG
13 hours ago

Wow, I am 22 years and self thought still trying to be a good artist, I am using blender in a country where no one cares. Thanks a lot for this inspiring article. I am not as good as this, you are very good.

by Netraraj Pun
20 hours ago

Awesome. Really great tips for beginners like me to start working correctly.

Witness earned $5 Million in a Week
4 February, 2016

Jonathan Blow, game designer behind a critically-acclaimed Braid has recently released a brand new title called Witness, which turned out to be a huge success, bringing $5 million revenue during the first 7 days. Mr. Blow decided not to undervalue his work and set a price at $40!

IMG_6191-640x427 The Witness is basically a huge puzzle developed by Jonathan Blow and his team for PC and PS4. it was released on January 26 earlier this year. Gameplay of the Witness is about solving different maze puzzles, which player finds across the island. Release version has about 650 different puzzles to solve. shot_2014.02.20__time_13_07_n06 It is safe to say that Blow’s choice of pricing strategy is quite experimental – instead of setting a price at $15 like most other indie titles, the Witness stands tall with price tag at $40. Developer explained this decision as fair price for tons of content. Moreover, he is also against different discounts and offers, because this would mean the undervaluation of the game. shot_2014.02.20__time_13_08_n08 Jonathan Blow is also well-known for his strict position against piracy, though his studio isn’t tracking pirates’ activity at the moment. Blow’s decisions can definitely cause mixed reactions. Let us know what you think about the Witness’ pricing strategy in the comments below. Source: the-witness.net

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