Working in ZBrush 2018 with an IPad Pro

Working in ZBrush 2018 with an IPad Pro

What is your setup for sculpting? Your tablet of choice?

What is your setup for sculpting? Your tablet of choice? Most of you would probably mention Wacom, of course, but we have always been into trying something new. Well, you have to evaluate different options, right? Solomon Jagwe, for example, continues to share videos on the potential of IPad Pro. A new video on YouTube once again proves that the tablet from Apple can be quite good when it comes working in ZBrush, the latest version in this case. 

This is a quick test to show how well Zbrush 2018 is working on an iPad Pro with Duet. I am using my PC and Duet extends my monitor to the iPad Pro screen. The new Sculptris Pro feature added to Zbrush 2018, is working perfectly! I can’t wait to create more models in Zbrush using my iPad Pro!

Solomon Jagwe 

You have to admit that the tablet is quite good. We wouldn’t say something like “forget about Wacom and other pricey tablets” — it’s just another option to consider. So when it comes to a tight budget…Well, you get the idea. 

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  • Marc-André

    I really do find that duet is very much too laggy. I have the latest iPad Pro, and tried it over USB 3.0, USB-C and WiFi with a great desktop, laptop and wifi router. There is too much lag for it to be useful and very noticeable compression artifacts.

    All in all I think EasyCanvas does it better. However, it only supports Tablet PC drivers so no zBrush or Substance Painter support for me.

    Crossing my fingers so that either app gets to be fully usable very soon. Cintiq-level smoothness is all but a hair away



    ·2 years ago·

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