Working on Stylized Shaders for an Unreal Game
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18 hours ago

Wow, that's great. Have to try this out!

Wow beautiful environment. Very thorough and detailed. But I think there are a few images that are not showing up (error?). Is that just me? Interested in seeing those other pictures...

by Admin
2 days ago

Jack. First of all, I want to apologize for offending you. We published this just to show how the tech could be used. We don't actually care about the message. But you do bring up a viable point, that for some people - this might be an issue, so I take this post down.

Working on Stylized Shaders for an Unreal Game
7 September, 2017

Jakob Gavelli posted a quick breakdown of how the clouds got their fluffy look from all angles in Skylar & Plux. The artist also shared the four major parts of a master shader he used for all the stone and rock objects in the game. Plus, some gifs taken during development of game. 


  • Upvector grass so all objects made of stone could have either grass, snow or sand ontop of it. 
  • Detail Normals that are uniformly scaled depending on the objects scale in the world. 
  • A Topdown gradient, so the higher up in world space the mesh is it can change color, making multiple meshes blend together. 
  • A down to top gradient at water level that blends in a green hue close to the waters surface, also to make the rocks blend together better. 



SandFall Material


Cloud Shader

Rock Shader
Source: ArtStation

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