Working on Stylized Shaders for an Unreal Game
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by mavin
6 hours ago

have you this 3ds max making video

by Taylor
20 hours ago

bad management, its your job for stuff like that not to happen, dont put that extra weight on artist because management didn't do your job

by Robert Gardner
20 hours ago

It really is the best game of 2018, Thank you.

Working on Stylized Shaders for an Unreal Game
7 September, 2017

Jakob Gavelli posted a quick breakdown of how the clouds got their fluffy look from all angles in Skylar & Plux. The artist also shared the four major parts of a master shader he used for all the stone and rock objects in the game. Plus, some gifs taken during development of game. 


  • Upvector grass so all objects made of stone could have either grass, snow or sand ontop of it. 
  • Detail Normals that are uniformly scaled depending on the objects scale in the world. 
  • A Topdown gradient, so the higher up in world space the mesh is it can change color, making multiple meshes blend together. 
  • A down to top gradient at water level that blends in a green hue close to the waters surface, also to make the rocks blend together better. 



SandFall Material


Cloud Shader

Rock Shader
Source: ArtStation

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