World Creation Basics in UE4 with Megascans
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Jack. First of all, I want to apologize for offending you. We published this just to show how the tech could be used. We don't actually care about the message. But you do bring up a viable point, that for some people - this might be an issue, so I take this post down.

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What European universities would you recommend?

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How about you don't associate with a left leaning partisan news site assuming all video game artists lean the same way. I'll be blocking your content from here on out.

World Creation Basics in UE4 with Megascans
28 April, 2017
Quixel has shared one more great guide on implementing Megascans into your UE4 workflow. This time, Max Frorer discussed the basic philosophy of researching, planning and building an environment using Megascans and UE4. A thorough video breakdown of the production process: from gathering references to creating materials and dealing with the lighting setup. 

And that’s not all there is to know about the forest art of Max. Make sure to read our exclusive interview with tons of other details on the creative process here. Working with the composition, building meshes, assembling the scene in UE4 and other spicy details. 

Source: YouTube

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