World of Tanks 1.O Graphical Update is Here

World of Tanks 1.O Graphical Update is Here

Complete graphics and sound overhaul. Collaboration with Intel, Sony Music Entertainment, and Google. New Guinness world record set!

Wargaming released a huge update to World of Tanks, adding a bunch of amazing graphical features to the engine. If you want to learn more about the tech behind this update, check out our extensive interview with the developers!

World of Tanks: Graphical Update Technical Overview

World of Tanks started in 2010 and till date, it gathered 160 000 000 registered players becoming one of the most popular games in the world. The new World of Tanks Update 1.0 lands today in Europe and North America, unleashing the Wargaming’s high-end Core graphics engine exclusive for PC players. The latest installment takes tank combat to new heights with improved visuals, 29 completely reworked battlefields, a new soundtrack recorded by Prague FILMHarmonic Orchestra and local musicians, and the new Glacier map. Also, World of Tanks cooperates with biggest companies on various interesting initiatives. 

The new graphics engine, Core, has been in development for over 3 years and was engineered in-house. Update 1.0 will see World of Tanks PC switch to this new engine and take advantage of the latest technology for graphics processing and rendering. Core’s introduction marks a new era for World of Tanks PC with PBR, post-processing effects, advanced lighting and shading, particle effects, and a multitude of other optimization and performance-enhancing features. Update 1.0 is released in partnership with Intel Corporation to help ensure that World of Tanks remains up to date on the latest technological advances and uses them to enhance its gaming experiences – professionals from both companies ensured that game looks now way better on high-end PC’s and works smoother on lower spec computers.

Together with greater visual fidelity, Update 1.0 adds a brand-new dynamic soundtrack, which has been developed for more than a 1.5 years. The tracks have been recorded by Prague FILMHarmonic Orchestra in cooperation with local composers and musicians from all around the world. To create a specific atmosphere to each map, local ethnic instruments were added and mixed to the musical score. Each in-game location gets its own theme that resonates with its setting, on every battlefield. Published by Sony Music Entertainment, the World of Tanks official soundtrack will be available shortly for listening and downloading for free at all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and many more.

 “Update 1.0 improves the baseline technology for the game, introducing the in-house developed Wargaming’s Core graphics engine,” said Milos Jerabek, Development Director for World of Tanks PC. “Thanks to it, we’re now capable of elevating the entire game and can ensure World of Tanks is a fun and immersive experience for years to come.”

“Intel is committed to driving technical innovation in the PC gaming industry,” said Michelle Chuaprasert, Sr. Director of Developer Relations Programs and Initiatives at Intel Corporation. “The advancements being made by Wargaming in its next release of World of Tanks represent the next generation of PC gaming experiences.”

Celebrating the launch of Update 1.0, World of Tanks has announced the Grand Extravaganza—a two-week long marathon full of battling and rewards. Starting March 29 until April 12, players will get chances to earn multiple in-game bonuses, as well as prizes from Intel.

Augmented reality. In celebration of the upcoming World of Tanks 1.0 Update, Wargaming is releasing the World of Tanks AR Experience app worldwide on Android. The company worked closely with Google to develop an augmented reality experience built with ARCore, Google’s new AR platform for developers that has a scope of 100 million mobile devices and is featured by Google as one of the launch titles for the ARCore platform. The World of Tanks AR Experience allows users to see a tank battle raging around them, anywhere from gigantic life-size to tabletop scale. The AR vehicle also dismantles in mid-air to show off some of its core components, allowing users to learn more about these historical vehicles. The app features photo and video social sharing functions. World of Tanks AR Experience was developed with support from Gravity Jack and is available for free on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Google on delivering this unique AR experience to millions of users around the world,” said Matt Daly, Wargaming Special Projects, “With the recent release of World of Tanks 1.0, we’re taking tank combat up a gear, and the AR app will let our players extend their in-game experience to real life.”

Guinness world record™. Last weekend, Australia’s strongest man Eddie Williams, has won the ‘World of Tanks PC Tank Pull’ at the Arnold Pro Strongman Australia in Melbourne in front of a massive crowd, including proud tank-owner Arnold Schwarzenegger. Eleven of the world’s strongest men were challenged to pull an eight tonne FV102 Striker tank and set a new record for fastest time to pull a tank over 10 meters. Eddie Williams successfully pulled the tank 10 meters in 36.65 seconds setting a potential Guinness world records title. 

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