World Wide VFX Contest Announced

A new contest for VFX Artists takes place till the end of December. 

The submission for this contest is open till December 31st. The results will be announced in March 2022. The winner will receive $17,000 USD.

It's a worldwide contest for VFX designed to "spread the joy of visual effects" mainly in the game industry. There are no qualifications required to enter this contest.

Contest's Rules: 

  • Deadline: End of December 2021
  • Private work only
  • Full HD, 1920 × 1080, 60fps | Maximum 15 seconds
  • Unedited video of your real-time effect
  • 1 person, 1 entry per section
  • Original work only
  • The Explosion of Free
  • No plagiarism
  • It is not allowed to register the work to be submitted to the contest in your portfolio, until the end of the "WWVFX CONTEST FOR GAMES 2021" (April 1, 2022)

There are two main application categories: the "Student Category" and the "General Category". There are also two application sections per category: the EXPLOSION Section, which focuses on the theme of "explosion" expression itself, and the FREE Section, which is free of any specific theme. It is possible to submit a maximum of two works, one for each of the two sections.

"By holding this contest, we hope to broaden the base of people who are interested in VFX, and through sharing information and friendly rivalry, we hope to raise the level of skills of VFX artists, motivate them to develop human resources, and lead them to explore and challenge new VFX expressions."

The Judges: 

  1. Osamu Saito, Technical VFX Artist at Epic Games,
  2. Hikaru Suzuki, VFX Artist at Square Enix,
  3. Keith Guerrette, VFX Artist, and CEO at Beyond-FX,
  4. Takeshi Oshita, Creator Advocate at Unity Technologies Japan,
  5. Nick Seavert, CEO, VFX Artist at JangaFX
  6. Ryan Zeng, Senior VFX Artist at NeoBards Entertainment,
  7. Mederic Havart, Senior Technical Artist FX at Persistant Studio,
  8. Takeshi Inaba, Representative Director, and VFX Artist at AGNI-FLARE.

You may check out more details on the official website of the conference and, also, join the Discord channel, where all the participants are invited to exchange their thoughts, ideas, and experience. 

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