Yobi3D: Search Engine Designed for 3D Models
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Yobi3D: Search Engine Designed for 3D Models
15 September, 2015

It can be hard to find 3D assets on major search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, which can result in your clicking through many different websites. Good news is there’s a search engine, Yobi3D, that is made just for the search of 3D models.

  • yobi3d-1-80lv
  • yobi3d-3-80lv
  • yobi3d-2-80lv
  • yobi3d-4-80lv

Yobi3D has a keyboard interface just like the other search engines, but it has a different approach for displaying the search results. Results don’t show up in text or images, they are represented by 3D models. Once a thumbnail is clicked the user can freely rotate and move the model around with the mouse to look at it from different angles and zoom distances.

The 3D viewer also supports various rendering options from showing models without texture to turning the wireframe on. If the user is interested in the model, there is a hyperlink available showing the source of the asset for download.

  • batman-1-80lv
  • batman-2-80lv
  • batman-3-80lv
  • batman-4-80lv
  • batman-5-80lv
  • batman-6-80lv
  • batman-8-80lv

This search engine is great for game developers looking for assets to use as placeholders or prototype with. These assets can also be converted and imported into game engines such as Unreal and Unity. With ease of use, conveniency, and accessibility, there’s plenty of reasons to use Yobi3D.

Source: blog.soom.la

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