ZBrush 4R8 Revealed
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Awesome walkthrough, I really learnt a lot. It was great that Adrienne give links to other people tutorials too!

by stubs3d@gmail.com
3 hours ago

Anybody get that?

If it easy to get Substance working with your Rome Fantasy packs after the changes to Substance? Do we still need to read instructions to get PostProcessing set up? Any other issues with installing your packs on Unity?

ZBrush 4R8 Revealed
3 October, 2016


Pixologic’s 2016 ZBrush Summit brought some news on the update of company’s popular software, Zbrush. ZBrush 4R8 adds new features, including support for vector displacement maps and a real-time Boolean system.


First of all, this announcement was unexpected as Pixologic originally stated that 4R7 had to be the final update before ZBrush 5.

I know everyone’s looking for ZBrush 5, but guys, we were developing two pieces of softwware and putting together a summit. 

You guys are going to want to get some of this stuff that’s in as fast as possible, so 4R8 is happening first. We’re giving you some of the features that would have been in ZBrush 5.

Paul Gaboury, Pixologic’s 3D product development manager

The second piece is Pixologic’s ZBrushCore, the new cut-down edition for hobbyists and 3D printing enthusiasts.


The most significant features include the new universal transform gizmo, which makes it possible to perform global move, scale or rotation operations on models in the same way as other DCC tools. It comes with a standard customization set, with the power to change its size on screen, for example. Users also have the ability to create their own custom gizmos by sculpting 3D controls in ZBrush’s native ZTL format. 


Among other significant features is support for vector displacement maps. The software can not convert any mesh to a vector displacement map for use with ZBrush’s brush tools. The source mesh, complete with undercuts, can then be used to deform the surface of the host mesh.

It’s really a 3D mesh that’s on your brush. It’s taking IMM to a whole new level.

Paul Gaboury, Pixologic’s 3D product development manager


You can not get the hang of new ‘chisel brushes’ that make use of the vector displacement system, including a set designed to replicate real-world sculpting implements. Or you can create new brushes that combine the vector displacements from other existing brushes with a Create MultiAlpha Brush option. What is more, the update lets you rotate the 3D geometry corresponding to a vector displacement map on the fly, resulting in new brush properties, with a new Transform 3D button.


ZBrush 4R8 also got the new real-time Boolean system, which enables any SubTool to be Boolean intersected with another mesh of any subdivision level. You can work with IMM brushes, with any brush modifier and quickly change brush properties.


You can also use a new Magnify slider for brushes that magnifies the centre of the alpha being applied to a stroke based on pen pressure, generating a range of interesting custom effects.

There is no release date for ZBrush 4R8 as of this moment. The update will be free to existing users, new licence cost $795.

Source: CGchannel

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