Zbrush Custom Posing Rig Tool For Humans

Zbrush Custom Posing Rig Tool For Humans

Speed up your posing workflow with this tool from Travis Davids.

Travis Davids has released a new tool for ZBrush that will speed up your posing workflow. It is the first version of the project and the artist will continue adding joints to the rig for the fingers and other areas, but the pack is definitely worth looking at already.

UPD: Travis has presented the second version of his tool.


  • Complete support for posing the fingers and the feet.
  • Tweaked joints for more accurate movement.
  • Additional joints added to prevent breaking when trying to create seated poses but cleanup is still required.
  • Additional joints added for smoother range of motion.

Travis has also provided some useful tutorials:

As long as the poses aren’t ridiculous, the mesh won’t break too much but some clean up is still required.

The rig is in the standard T POSE but can be adjusted accordingly. I’ll even show u how I adjust it to fit a completely custom character at a different scale. I’ll also show you how to create your own custom rig and I even put together a posing demo where I create 4 different poses using the rig.

Travis Davids

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