Reality Check Festival

The Festival for students, professionals, and enthusiasts covering topics from XR, game technology, and storytelling

30–31 Mar. 2023

The Netherlands, Enschede

Game Developers ❤️ Berlin

A Networking Event

5 Apr. 2023

Germany, Berlin

Global Games Pitch

Online International games pitching show and 365/7 matchmaking portal

5–6 Apr. 2023


IEEE GameSIG Showcase 2023

12th Annual IEEE GameSIG Intercollegiate Computer Game Competition 2023

16 Apr. 2023

United States, CA, Fullerton

Everything Procedural 2023

Conference on procedural content generation for games

19–21 Apr. 2023

The Netherlands, Breda

FMX 2023

The conference featuring the best of animation, effects, interactive and immersive media

25–28 Apr. 2023

Germany, Stuttgart

Games Job Fair Spring 2023

The spring iteration of the games industry recruitment, networking, and career-building event

26–28 Apr. 2023

Finland, Espoo

HG Conference Istanbul

B2B offline event that will bring together about 1500 professionals from more than 50 countries

27–28 Apr. 2023

Türkiye, Istanbul

A MAZE. / Berlin 2023

12th International Games and Playful Media Festival

10–13 May. 2023

Germany, Berlin

CAFÉ (Conference, Animation, FX, Expertise)

An event for professionals in the field of visual effects and animation

16–17 May. 2023

Canada, Montreal

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