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I really hope this ends up being as good as it seems to have the potential of being. If it does, we're probably looking at something becoming almost as ubiquitous as Substance has become. And I really appreciate the devs admittance of the fact that devs should be cautious about it. I mean, even in my experience developing, both professionally and as a hobbyist, I've played around with many scenes that upon closer inspection, just aren't setup how they should be, whether it's because of asset arrangement, faulty optimization/no optimization, lightning, etc. I think People need to be more cautious of other's work, and that goes double for an AI. I also hope this will be made as integrations, plugin or otherwise, with commercial engines for all us indie devs!

I'd like to know the pros and cons of this vs Parrallax Occlusion Mapping with Pixel Depth Offset. I can see this being a bit of a headache for the GPU due to overdraw.

by Serg Kalagin
5 hours ago


DiGRA 2018
Wed 25, Jul — Sat 28, Jul
Torino, Lungo Dora Siena, 100 A, 10153 Torino TO, Italy — Campus Luigi Einaudi, University of Turin, Torino, Italy, Europe

DiGRA 2018 takes place at the Campus Luigi Einaudi, University of Turin in Torino, Italy on 25th July 2018