Game Developers Session (GDS) 2017
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by Vilaskis
3 hours ago

Thank you Richard. If I find some more ways to improvise for optimization, then I'll tell you definitely

by janelle
3 hours ago

would love to see the substance graph.

by Richard
5 hours ago

The visual shader system will be great for modular asset pack makers. You see some incredibly high quality modular asset packs on the Unreal store, whilst the ones for Unity are so-so, which I think is down to the ease of creating shaders on Unreal vs Unity. Alternatively you have to make your shaders in something like Uber Shader system which immediately splits your customer base.

Game Developers Session (GDS) 2017
Fri 17, Nov — Sun 19, Nov
Prague, Náměstí Míru 820/9 12000 — National House of Vinohrady
Game Developers Session in Prague is one of the oldest European indie game developers conference. Our goal is to collaborate and share our experience.