Game Developers Session (GDS) 2017
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by Wouter Lievens
16 min ago

Looks absolutely gorgeous!

by Andrea
25 min ago

Very interesting post, thanks for sharing! Next step would be to procedurally create the indoors! I understand your point about a semi-procedural approach. I often fall into the go-full-procedural vortex and can't get things done. :D Anyway, one question I don't quite get why "fill the interior" on the vdb node has to be checked?

it is really frustrating that half the article was posted and i cannot view the end of this article, every possible link on the page refers to the same url and that url is password protected. creation of a gametextures account will not get you access to the end of this page so don't hand them paypal info like I did just go blunder off through a youtube tutorial rather than this good-old-boy referral page

Game Developers Session (GDS) 2017
Fri 17, Nov — Sun 19, Nov
Prague, Náměstí Míru 820/9 12000 — National House of Vinohrady
Game Developers Session in Prague is one of the oldest European indie game developers conference. Our goal is to collaborate and share our experience.