Games Week Denmark 2018
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This priest surely committed to his celibate there...

Cheap art will be just that. The true value lies in commitment and hard work. This is just a tool and without a creative mind operating it the results will hold no magic. Did photography kill painting? I think both are doing and developing rather well.

by Mark
6 hours ago

Very insightful. Thanks!

Games Week Denmark 2018
Mon 16, Apr — Sun 22, Apr
Games Week Denmark sets the spotlight on Danish Games.

Games Week Denmark sets the spotlight on Danish Games.

It gathers Nordic Game Jam, Spilprisen, CPH MatchUp, Game Developer Talks and much more. Six days in April 2017 Denmark turned into a hot spot for game designers, programmers, graphic artists, business experts, gamers and game interested locals and tourists. More than 2.000 people will attend events with games, creativity, technology, and innovation.

Goals of Games Week Denmark

  • Make the Danish Game Industry visible to a broader audience nationally and internationally – as culture and business
  • Bring the Danish Game Industry together and celebrate itself together with a global industry
  • Create a week for, and together with, the industry itself
  • Give the industry a boost of new insights – by bringing the best from outside Denmark to Denmark
  • To be a Games Week that developers from all of Denmark and the rest of the world attend

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