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by jhon perker
1 hours ago

The new features facial expression is very unique and the first launch in apple. I have used this expression, and I love to use this. this is very funny and look like the original. but sometimes it refuses to express then i prefer to go Apple Support Australia.

by Matthew
3 hours ago

You may want to credit Critical Role and Sam Riegel for the character creation.

by Admin
7 hours ago

hahaha, oh sorry, man we'll fix. is there a way we can actually contact him???

Indigo 2018
Fri 29, Jun — Fri 29, Jun
Utrecht, 50 Veemarktstraat Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands — Speys Jaarbeurs

What is INDIGO?

INDIGO is a game showcase organized by Dutch Game Garden. At INDIGO, you play the best and most outstanding games made by independent developers.

Where and when is INDIGO?

The next edition of INDIGO will take place on 29 June 2018 at Speys Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. Save a spot in your calendar to play the newest games!

How often is INDIGO?

We organize our main showcase once a year. At special occasions, such as game events or conferences, we are often present with a small selection of INDIGO games. That’s our traveling INDIGO on the Road, showcasing highlights of previous editions or promising upcoming games. INDIGO on the Road has been present during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Dutch YouTube Gathering, Campus Party Europe, and Gamescom in Cologne.

What’s so special about INDIGO?

We think INDIGO is pretty unique as a game expo. It’s a platform where developers present their new games to the audience, as well as a market for publishers, investors, press, and other interested parties. The game developers are personally present to pitch their own game, and of course, every game is playable. The games range from brand new prototypes to completed games offering impressive and rich experiences. There are games in all genres, as well as applied games (for healthcare, education, etc) and games using VR or custom controllers.


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