NODE’19 Conference
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by Stijn Van Gaal
2 hours ago

I'm using an MSI with a 1070 GPU, which for this was more than enough. For bigger scenes and things like landscape streaming or more complex light bakes I would definitely recommend also looking at the CPU and amount of RAM as well

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NODE'19 Conference
Sat 20, Apr — Sat 20, Apr
Kharkiv, Kharkiv — Kharkiv, Ukraine

NODE’19 is a CG & Game dev conference that will be held in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on April 20, 2019.

Learn about the latest CG and game dev trends from the professionals who work in the industry, ask anything you’re interested in, make useful connections and talk with the speakers at the Afterparty. The conference will be also translated online, so you’ll have a chance to join in remotely.

Note: the event is mainly for Russian-speaking audience.

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