Tokyo Game Show 2019
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there is no need to create a vdb, but it works yes

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Super taf! ;)

Ted Bundy's car? :D

Tokyo Game Show 2019
Thu 12, Sep — Fri 13, Sep
Chiba, Japan, 〒261-0023 Chiba, Mihama Ward, Nakase, 2 Chome−1 — Makuhari Event Hall

TOKYO GAME SHOW (TGS) is actively expanded information of the games in Japan, Asia, and rest of the world. TGS2019 is a source of new movements such as 5G network, which brings game more comfortable and enjoyable by development of digital video distribution





  • Approaching to Game Fan Communities

Games enabled to play with anyone anywhere and anytime. Games provide a fun to see and to support. Now games are connected with the world and create communities. TGS attracts game funs regardless of platforms.

  • Catching e-Sports Following Winds

e-Sports expands with larger scale even to involve in other industries. TGS2019 provides e-Sports arena “e-Sports X” at its venue and makes more fun of games. Competitions at the venue cover the enthusiasm of e-Sports by live video distributions with global scale.

  • Focusing on New Technologies Make Games Fun

Transformation of social infrastructure also key to expand the impact on the game. 5G(fifth generations mobile communication system) technology makes more comfortable to gaming environments by various services such as cloud gaming. TGS provides and creates opportunities your products and services on its BtoB functions as well.

  • Broadcasting the Fun of Games

TGS expands the online video distribution platforms, which will be reaching wider coverage to the rest of the world. The online video streaming and archives will be broadcasting exhibitor’s latest news, organizer stages, e-Sports competitions.