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Recreate Games is a game studio owned by Source Technology. Our goal is to create the next generation of immersive entertainment products. The company is funded by Matrix Partners, Bertelsmann and Zhen Fund.


A game needs to be convincing across the timeline, the key of which is animations. No matter it is characters, objects, kinetics or particle effects, good animations can even make a teapot look alive. We hope you understand all kinds of classic expressions of animations, and express it with exceptional skills. This position not only requires you to utilize the animation skills you acquired from school or previous works, we also want you to make the animations better and the work more efficient with more advanced techniques.

Skills & Requirements


  • Create 2D/3D storyboards for early stages
  • Create 2D/3D character/object animations
  • Create rigging of 3D objects, and discuss the viability with engineer team
  • Participate in the motion capture processes


  • A passion for gaming
  • Familiar with linear and non-linear creation styles of animation
  • Familiar with the bindings of human/animal skeletons
  • Knows how to deal with common technical problems such as volume collapse and expansion
  • Understand state machine and mixed engine action mechanism
  • Strong self-motivation and self-learning skills


  • Took part in the complete creation process of an AAA game
  • Familiar with Unity or Unreal engines
  • Familiar with the optical or inertial motion capture process
  • Familiar with the particle or dynamics systems with any 3D tools

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