Contract Senior Layout Artist / Senior Cinematic Artist for metricminds
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by UtopiaNemo
5 hours ago

I have the utmost respect for each of these developers. I must say I think they’re mostly incorrect in their assessments of why the Dreamcast failed. The Dreamcast’s ultimate failure had so little to do with the way Sega handled the Dreamcast. Sega and their third party affiliates such as Namco and Capcom put out so many games of such stellar quality, that the Dreamcast won over a generation of gamers who had previously been diehard Nintendo or Sony fans. They even won me over, who had been a diehard Sega fan since the SMS days, but was so disillusioned by the Saturn’s handling that I had initially decided to sit the Dreamcast out. At that time, the Dreamcast launch was widely considered to be the strongest console launch in US history. In my opinion, the three issues leading to the fall of the Dreamcast were (in inverse order):1)piracy, 2)Sega’s great deficit of finances and cachet following the Saturn debacle, and 3)Sony’s masterful marketing of the PlayStation 2. Piracy’s effect on Dreamcast sales is a hotly debated topic, but I’ll say that the turn of the millennium, most college and post-college guys I knew pirated every bit of music or software they could. Regarding the Saturn debacle, the infighting between SOA and SOJ is well known, as are the number of hubristic decisions Mr. Nakayama made which left Sega in huge financial deficit. They were also directly responsible for erasing a lot of the respect and good will Sega had chiseled out worldwide during the Mega Drive/Genesis era. With the Dreamcast, Sega was digging itself out of a hole. They had seemingly done it as well, and would have surely continued along that path, had it not been for the PS2. There is no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming reason the Dreamcast failed was because of the PS2.

by Philip Ho
8 hours ago

Great stuff Fran!

What the hell are you saying? I can't make sense of it.

Contract Senior Layout Artist / Senior Cinematic Artist for metricminds
7 May, 2019
Art / animation

We are looking for a contract layout artist / cinematic artist to help us out on a fantastic game cinematics project, which is based on a popular IP. The project will last between 14 and 18 months and will begin this summer (June - August).

About Us:

metricminds is specialized in the creation of in-engine cutscenes for game developers. We use Unreal Engine and other engines and work directly with the tools and assets of our clients. Our studio is located in Frankfurt, Germany and was founded in 2001. Our clients include 2K Games, EA, Epic, Guerrilla Games, THQ Nordic and more.

You can find a good overview of our studio and past works at


Using our client’s assets and taking their creative brief (script, storyboard, etc.), you will work with our team to create stunning and enticing cutscenes for a AAA game. You will start by blocking out scenes, recording or bringing in mocap and then iterating your way through to the final, polished cutscene layout. We are putting a strong focus on storytelling while keeping our client’s objectives for each cutscene in mind.

Salary: not mentioned
Company: metricminds
Location: Germany, Frankfurt am Main
Position type: Full-time
Remote job: no
Relocation Assistance: yes


* Help drive the development of AAA quality cinematics / cutscenes

* Design and create shots from Scripts and / or Storyboards, using cinematic know-how and language to tell a story

* Block out rough sequences which will later receive animation of characters, props and cameras

* Use real-life camera behavior to enhance the camera’s role in story telling

* Work with a director and a team of artists to create high quality video sequences on tight timelines




* minimum 3 years of professional experience in the field

* Experience using Motion Capture to tell a story and an inherent understanding of animation timing

* Understanding of shot composition, framing, cinematography, editing, and flow

* Very good skills in camera placement and animation

* Good showreel showcasing animated works you have done

* Able to work well in a team and to lead others

* Sport a Problem-solving attitude

* Willing to relocate to Frankfurt, Germany for the duration of the project

* Good English Speaking Skills

* Able to prioritize and multi-task

* Able to self-organize and strong attention to detail


* Professional experience using motionbuilder

* Industry experience doing real-time work (Unreal Engine preferred)

* Solid animation knowledge or ability to create your own block-outs / animatics

* Knowledge of photography principles, storytelling and movie making

* Good Portfolio showcasing past works in composition, photography

* Strong technical Background with the ability to solve problems if they arise


This project will run for 14-18 months, starting this summer. If you’re interested, please contact


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