Gameplay Programmer at Sony Bend

Gameplay Programmer at Sony Bend

Sony Bend Studio, the creator of Days Gone, Syphon Filter, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss, is looking for top talent to join them.


  • Contributor to the development of technology, game code systems and tools that support game design needs. This includes, but is not limited to game logic, character behaviors, state based animations selection, motion systems, scripted mini-games, physics systems, collision systems, rendering, particle effects, entities systems, camera logic, sound support.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the game’s design.
  • Collaborate with the production team to develop all aspects of the specified game-play experience from a technical perspective.
  • Provide input into the technical design and vision through all phases of the game development cycle from pre-production through final product release. This entails ensuring products are of the highest technical quality and uphold the integrity of the games design.
  • Maintain a clear understanding of personal task lists and project milestones to ensure set goals will be met from a scope, schedule or game-play perspective.
  • Clearly communicate updates and concerns to management.
  • Manage requests or information needs regarding any aspect of the technical creation process with the appropriate members of the development team.
  • Actively maintain skill-set and knowledge base by keeping track of the latest innovations from the industry.


  • Must be able to work effectively with other programmers, artists, and designers in a team environment.
  • Must be able to take instruction from their manager and be able to provide insight into a broad range of technical challenges. Must be able to utilize a variety of tools to aid in programming and be able to think beyond the given challenge presented for a potential solution.
  • Must have a competent knowledge of the programming languages and practices being used on the project. Must possess good problem-solving skills and have a working knowledge of 3d Math.  Must be able to tackle new programming challenges as presented, such as working on unfamiliar hardware, technologies, or code environments.
  • Must be a self-starter and be able to follow implementation plans provided by their manager. Must be able to effectively and accurately define and manage their tasks and schedules. 
  • Excellent communication skills are required to be able to explain programming solutions and ideas.  Must be able to adequately provide instruction to non-programming personnel on how to use programmer generated tools and code implementations.
  • Strong C/C++ experience.
  • Strong 3d Math Skills.
  • Strong understanding of current data structures, algorithms and methodologies.
  • A wide-range of game application and game engine skills (e.g., AI, physics, camera, animation, etc.)

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