Lighting Artist at Ready At Dawn

Lighting Artist at Ready At Dawn

Working closely with the Art Leads, Designers, Concept, and Environment Artists the Senior Lighting Artist is responsible for lighting visually stunning sets and characters for both in-game and cinematic content.


The senior lighting artist is expected to research and adapt to new techniques as they emerge and to propose lighting related improvements to our general art pipeline and proprietary tools and engine technology. The ability to work both independently and in cooperation with Designers and Environment Artists to complete assignments and a demonstration of strong artistic interpretation skills is also required.


Skills & Requirements


  • Strong understanding of color theory and practical lighting concepts
  • Solid knowledge of working within a HDR pipeline and tasteful balancing of post process screen effects
  • Knowledge of a wide range of game lighting techniques (vertex baking, lightmaps, light probes, dynamic, etc)
  • Able to take initial direction and color keys and use interpretive judgment to light gameplay spaces to a high degree of polish and playability
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a range of illustrative lighting styles
  • Efficient organization and communication skills and ability to prioritize and execute ideas within a schedule
  • Excellent technical and artistic problem solving skills

Additional Skills (Pluses):

  • Strong traditional art background
  • Maya expertise
  • Practical lighting, cinematography, or 2d illustration experience
  • Detailed technical knowledge of game lighting and material pipeline concepts

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