Senior AI Programmer at Guerrilla Games

Senior AI Programmer at Guerrilla Games

The team is currently looking for a Senior AI Programmer to join their team of experienced AI developers.


  • You will create the decision logic which drives for fun, systemic gameplay in cooperation with systems designers;
  • You will work with animators to make characters come to life through believable and fluid motion;
  • You will assist quest designers with the creation of robust, bespoke experiences;
  • You will research new techniques and tools that will improve the content creation workflow, and raise the bar in terms of character behavior quality;
  • You will extend and refactor the AI code base for performance, maintainability, and reliability.

You Are: 

  • You have at least 4 years of programming experience;
  • You can work in a structured way, in C++, to generate easy to understand code while still keeping track of memory/performance aspects;
  • You have a good understanding of modern AI techniques as used in AAA games;
  • You are able to use existing or new techniques to create exciting NPC gameplay;
  • You are comfortable working with a large code base.

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Senior AI Programmer at Guerrilla Games