Senior Environment Modeling Artist (Cinematics) at Blizzard

Senior Environment Modeling Artist (Cinematics) at Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a well-rounded Senior-Level Environment Modeling Artist with a specialty in hard surface modeling to join their award-winning pre-rendered cinematics team. 

You are responsible for creating feature film-level assets that work seamlessly within pipeline, from initial creation to final publish, as well as all the hurdles along the way.  Often, you’ll work as the lone modeler on an asset which could be based on specific concept art, a previs blockout mesh, or simply an idea.  In other instances, you’ll work together with multiple modelers, helping process the mesh or collaborate to steer the look of the asset, the scene or even the entire show.


  • 5+ years of feature film/VFX/pre-render cinematic production experience
  • Ability to create epic environmental assets, both stylized and hyper-realistic, ranging from hard-surface vehicles, props and buildings to entire sets
  • Possess an incredible eye for design, composition, architecture, engineering and lighting
  • Talent for multitasking and comfortable working on multiple assets/projects at once
  • Confidence to filter and evaluate criticism and art direction on a professional level
  • Maintain production deadlines and/or communicate any scheduling concerns with Producers
  • Collaborate with downstream departments to ensure an efficient asset handoff based on production needs
  • Skilled at creating clean and efficient UVs, topology and displacement map extractions
  • Self-sufficient to problem solve as well as excellent communication skills 


  • You are a Hard-Surface Modeling Rockstar!
  • Experience leading a small team or project in the past
  • Capacity to look dev/concept model and explore fresh artistic styles without art direction
  • Understanding of the visual style of Blizzard Cinematics and a passion to push them even further
  • Familiar with Redshift and Renderman pipelines
  • Thorough knowledge of current and emerging VFX/Animation pipelines

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Senior Environment Modeling Artist (Cinematics) at Blizzard