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Bellevue, Washington, United States


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Meta Platforms, Inc. (Meta), formerly known as Facebook Inc., builds technologies that help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses. When Facebook launched in 2004, it changed the way people connect. Apps and services like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp further empowered billions around the world. Now, Meta is moving beyond 2D screens toward immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality to help build the next evolution in social technology. 




  • Research, design, develop, build, and test operating systems-level software, compilers, and network distribution software for large distributed components that run applications.
  • Build new features and improve existing products.
  • Work on problems of moderate scope.
  • Push code, drive the development of the systems behind our products, create web applications that reach billions of people, build high-volume servers, and be a part of a team to connect people around the globe.
  • Develop a strong understanding of relevant product areas, codebase, and/or systems.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in data analysis, programming, and software engineering.
  • Produce high-quality code with good test coverage, using modern abstractions and frameworks.
  • Receive general instructions on routine work and detailed instructions on new projects or assignments, work independently, use available resources to get unblocked, and complete tasks on schedule by exercising strong judgment and problem-solving skills.
  • Master internal development standards from developing to releasing code in order to take on tasks and projects with increasing levels of complexity.
  • Actively seek and give feedback in alignment with the company Performance Philosophy.
  • Influence the engineering culture in the broader team and advocate for higher product quality and engineering efficiency.
  • Coordinate rollouts and phased releases of major initiatives, including coordination across teams and activities such as migrations.
  • Set the direction for the team in terms of project impact and engineering craft.


Minimum Qualifications:


  • Requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Software, Computer Engineering, Applied Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, or related field and six months of work experience in the job offered or in a computer-related occupation.
  • Requires six months of experience in:

1. Coding in one of the following industry-standard languages: C++, Python, Java, or Javascript
2. Relational databases and SQL
3. Software development tools: Code editors (VIM or Emacs), and revision control systems (Subversion, GIT, or Perforce)
4. Linux, UNIX, or other *nix-like OS including file manipulation and simple commands
5. Core web technologies: HTML, CSS, or JavaScript
6. Building highly scalable performant solutions
7. Distributed systems including sharding, consistency, and availability
8. Algorithms
9. Building solutions in web and desktop applications.


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