Sr VFX Artist at Santa Monica Studio

Sr VFX Artist at Santa Monica Studio

Santa Monica Studio is looking for a Senior Visual Effects Artist to create jaw-dropping visuals that set the bar for the PlayStation. 


  • Create visual effects across all areas of the game, ranging from natural environmental effects, effects to punctuate game action, to effects for characters and their interaction with elements within the game world.
  • Build comprehensive knowledge of the VFX art production pipelines, tools, and systems associated with the creation of VFX content.
  • Work closely with the Art and Game Directors to deliver their vision of the effects as they pertain to the game pillars and proactively collaborate with other VFX artists and other team members to realize the game’s needs.
  • Maintain a strong knowledge of the game’s design to support communication and allow better participation in discussions.
  • Break down challenging or open-ended requests into actionable tasks, examine feasible options, autonomously collaborate across disciplines to propose a plan of action, and implement solutions that will satisfy all of the stakeholders.
  • Actively develop and improve skillset and abilities by staying aware of industry trends and techniques, evaluating competitive products, learning new software packages, and putting traditional art methods into practice.
  • Demonstrate strong time management and prioritization skills.
  • Take on challenging VFX problems and develop solutions that consider all variables in a self-sufficient manner.


  • Traditional art and animation training and production experience.
  • Strong technical abilities and knowledge of PBR systems.
  • Maya (or 3d modeling package) and Photoshop.
  • Practice excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to develop creative solutions to VFX questions that have no prescribed answers.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of optimization, performance, and profiling considerations.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or relevant curriculum or equivalent skillset.
  • Minimum 5 years game industry or related experience.

Preferred Experience

  • Current-generation AAA video game platform experience with two or more published titles.
  • Experience with Premiere/After FX.
  • Working knowledge of current dynamics and Simulations packages.
  • Familiarity with video game product development including, but not limited to workflow, tools, particle systems, lighting, high and low poly modeling, texture painting, texture/UV animation, UV layout, in-game and sprite animation, material setup, and engine parameters/optimizations.
  • Ability to create, document, and maintain VFX and shader libraries for other artists to utilize.
  • Ability to resolve an assortment of complex artistic/VFX development issues for other VFX artists as well as other team members

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Sr VFX Artist at Santa Monica Studio