VFX Artist at Nodding Heads Games

VFX Artist at Nodding Heads Games

Nodding Heads Games is looking for uber-motivated, an extraordinarily talented and driven VFX Artist who’s excited about creating cutting-edge visuals using UE4.


The focus and majority of your time will be spent creating, implementing and optimizing particle visual effects, and shaders. You will feel comfortable in a team environment and are able to deliver compelling special effects for an original IP. You will work with the Art Directors and Creative Director to create visually stunning effects utilizing Unreal 4.


Skills & Requirements

  • Someone with a ton of passion, the desire to push their boundaries, to work beyond their comfort zone and to achieve the unachievable…
  • We’re looking for someone who’s adept at creating high-quality particle effects and textures with minimal direction in UE4 Cascade.
  • Irrespective of experience, it’s the portfolio we’re interested in, this is where you get to flex those VFX muscles, showcasing high-quality effects reel and high-resolution effect textures
  • Do you have the ability to view visual reference of an effect, deconstruct it and subsequently re-create it in UE4 game engine
  • Strong knowledge of environmental effects, fantastical, mythical, fluid, gases, lighting, and dynamics… essentially all the eye candy.
  • Someone who has a proficiency in technical problem solving, and who enjoys it!
  • A VFX Artist with a strong aptitude and knowledge base for appropriate software and real-time engine use such as UE4.
  • Show prowess and an intimate working knowledge of VFX development (particle systems, shaders etc.) within software and hardware constraints.
  • A keen aptitude towards software and Real-time VFX, plus an excellent working knowledge of Maya, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop & Adobe After Effects and the Adobe Creative Suite toolset.
  • Someone with a fundamental understanding of animation, timing, and weighting with reference to animated VFX or pre-canned sequences.
  • A team player with strong communication skills. Who also can effectively critique their own and others work, respectfully.

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