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It's not a talent, it's a dedication and self-motivation alongside with self-discipline.

by seth
3 hours ago

Spain is spelt 'Spane' on the main page description of this article. Interesting read.

Can you please repost the download links? Thank you.

3D Scanner HD
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New multi-laser scanning technology + full color surface. $2995. exports obj, stl, vrml + more. tech specs, demo, scan gallery, online store.
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High Fidelity. Low Price.

NextEngine delivers an unprecedented combination of power and affordability. At 0.005 inch accuracy, it rivals systems costing 10 times the price. It’s not a cheaper 3D Scanner. It’s a better scanner that costs less. Way less.


A mouse created with 3D Scanner © 3D Scanner HD, 2015

Clean Data. Compared with many $25,000+ scanners, NextEngine’s data fidelity is far cleaner. No more annoying pops and spikes that take hours to edit out. The surface data is so clean, you can just use it straight from the scanner.

New Technology. The secret behind this big change is new technology invented by NextEngine. An all-new electro-optical architecture and sophisticated new algorithms use an array of Lasers to scan in parallel. Result: higher point throughput and much better data fidelity.

Full Color

Optically-Locked to Geometry.

NextEngine also captures details that many high-end scanners don’t: Rich, full-color photo data for every surface point. And because it’s optically synchronous, there’s no skew between the color and geometry.


A bottle created with 3D Scanner © 3D Scanner HD, 2015

Built-In Studio Lighting. Every NextEngine Scanner comes with a built-in array of spatially diverse, diffuse illuminators for shadow-free imaging. And these lights are specially designed to provide a wide color gamut for excellent color rendering.

Simplified Modeling. Optically-locked surface color makes assembling models much easier. NextEngine ScanStudio software, an integral part of the system, let’s you place “virtual beads” on your screen images to instantly align different views into a single model.

Lots of Stuff. Lots of Sizes.

NextEngine’s proprietary scan technology and innovative instrument configuration let you capture a remarkably diverse range of objects in a variety of materials and sizes. Parts found in many different industries can be captured.


Objects created with 3D Scanner © 3D Scanner HD, 2015

No Preset Size Limit. Since there’s no bulky box to put your object inside, and it doesn’t spin while it scans, you can work with larger objects. You can composite multiple views together to get objects bigger than the field size. Twin ranges cover Macro and Wide fields.
Surface Flexibility. Many typical surfaces can be captured in their natural state. For difficult surfaces, easy-to-use markers let you prep them right at your desk. PowderPens put a light powder film on very shiny or dark surfaces, and PaintPens let you coat even transparent or mirror surfaces for easy scanning.

Small Footprint. Big Power.

To stay on your desk, it has to be small. Really small. It is. Incredibly, the scanner’s footprint is no large than an envelope. Yet in that compact package sits all the power you need to bring your physical media into your digital world.


3D Scanner © 3D Scanner HD, 2015

Use it Everyday. Ideas happen when they happen. To fuel your creative process, or email an idea to a colleague, your scanner needs to be ready at hand like your phone or keyboard. That’s why it’s designed to work in ordinary office lighting without darkrooms or bulky backgrounds.

Dress Up Your Desk. And if it’s going to stay on your desk, it should look great. This precision instrument is beautifully detailed, and built from high quality materials like bead-basted anodized aluminum alloy, and crystal clear polycarbonate. Think sculpture. Imagine the conversations it will inspire.

Plug and Play. Point and Click.

Easy to install. Easy to drive. No memory cards to shuffle, no data files to copy or convert. No hidden buttons to push. No lenses to adjust. No calibration procedures to do. Just a simple USB 2.0 appliance that plugs into your PC.


3D Scanner interface © 3D Scanner HD, 2015

Simple Dashboard. ScanStudio Software (included) provides everything you need to control your scanner from one elegant graphical settings panel. With a couple of clicks, your system will automatically sequence multiple scans. Simple but powerful built-in tools align and merge multiple views into a single model.

Live Viewfinder. And for all you WYSIWYG lovers out there… how about a live hi-res image showing you exactly what you’re about to scan? Use your mouse to select the area you want, and click Start. Your scan will be on your screen in about 90 seconds.

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30 March, 2015